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The Muslim Community Trust has been established within the local community for many years now. Over these years we have developed a comprehensive educational system to cater for the needs of the local muslim community. ​
Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:
“A father gives his child nothing better than a good education.” (Tirmidhi)
To assist you in this educational journey, from an early age we begin by teaching your child Tajweed (correct pronunciation of the holy Quran) as well as basic Islamic etiquette and other useful life based skills and prayers.

As your child develops we then progress to more complex  topics such as the Islamic history, Hifz (memorization of the holy Quran), skills of speaking in public, good character, behavior and  mannerisms, etc.

To ensure that your child receives the best possible education we would strongly recommend that you enroll them at an early age.

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    Muslim Community Trust
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